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          Amazon Prime

          Amazon Prime is a subscription service for e-commerce giant Amazon. Starting in 2005 as a flat fee on shipping for orders made with Amazon, it has since been expanded to include music and video streaming platforms, special members-only deals on Amazon products, and more.

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          • Our guide to the best Amazon Prime deals of 2017

            Amazon Prime Day is upon us. From now until 3 AM Eastern tomorrow morning, consumers around the globe will be cashing in on what’s quickly become Amazon’s proprietary Black Friday 2.0. The hardest part of celebrating this annual shopathon? Separating the wheat from the chaff. That’s ...

          • Amazon Prime Video comes to Apple TV at long last

            Just as rumored, Apple has announced Amazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV at long last. Amazon hasn’t exactly had a smooth relationship with Apple TV in the past - opting not to make its app available on the platform after all this time (same with?Android TV, for that matter).?In ...

          • Report: Apple to announce Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV at WWDC

            As we reported last week, the stand-off between Apple and Amazon appears to be over. Rumors suggested that, at long last, Amazon Prime Video was coming to Apple TV.?According to BuzzFeed News sources, it's a certainty, and the announcement will happen at Apple's Worldwide Developers ...

          • Apple TV may be getting Amazon Prime Video at long last

            Amazon's Prime Video TV service may be available on Apple TV later this year, according a report by Recode. For those not keeping track, Amazon hasn't exactly had a smooth relationship with some of its competition in the video streaming space. The company's Prime Video service ...

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