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          We want to give investors a compelling and unique proposition to connect, invest and innovate.

          That's why we now offer year-round opportunities such as monthly events, startup scouting and exposure through our extensive event and media channels.

          Our ingredients for this are a buzzing Tech Hub in the heart of Amsterdam, a one-of-a kind tech media site read by millions every month, industry-defining conferences in Europe, and an intelligence platform that serves as a perfect matchmaker for startups, investors and enterprises on a global scale.

          With these tools, we create tailor-made experiences to give you the exposure you deserve.

          Get in Touch


          We want to help investors find and benefit the opportunities TNW offers. We understand the complexities of investing, so we provide the information and connections you need. Our approach will save you time and money.


          Here are some of the investor companies that joined us in one of our events


          INVESTOR X

          We want to introduce you to Investor X, an entry package that includes all the essential features to improve your deal flow, expand your network and increase your brand visibility.

          By signing up, you'll get:

          - Two tickets for TNW Conference 2019, covering access to all side events, scale-ups matchmaking, and yearly investor meet up.

          - PRO account on Index.co, TNW's data platform on leading startups, corporates and investors worldwide.

          - Tracker by Index.co, a monthly spreadsheet with all the relevant deals and funding rounds on your industry of preference.

          - Guest articles published on www.chengren41.com website, ready by 8M people every month on a global scale.

          - Investor exclusive events organized by TNW, and more!


          Our All Year Round Investor Services

          • Sourcing

            Year Round Matchmaking
          • Visibility

            Improve your visibility and engagement
          • Connecting

            Join our monthly event
          • Custom Made

            We design perfectly suited experiences for you



          TNW X

          We do startup outreach and research with a dedicated research team to leverage our reach in the tech community


          Your all-in-one tool for sourcing and ecosystem news. We can create your investor profile on our database of 150,000 startups, which is autonomously updated and curated by the TNW X startup experts.


          Join year round events, make ecosystem-driven connections and join matchmaking

          More about Sourcing



          Brand Presence

          Increase your brand presence at TNW events, in person and symbolically

          Content Series

          Create a content series to raise awareness and tackle issues


          Join our investor community and find new investment opportunities through other investors




          Investor Events

          Meet your peers at our TNW X programs, share you secrets and follow our ethos of deepening the connections of your ecosystem

          Corporate Events

          Join our corporate matchmaking events and get a front-row seat to the programs. For example, You join the Vodafone smart cities coalition, celebrate the fastest growing startups in Tech5, debate with thought leaders at the Stack Exchange, and dine with our community at Deals over Dinner

          Partner Events

          Join TNW X partner events and help us matchmake. For example, judge at RAI exhibition pitch competitions

          Join Events

          Custom Made


          Can’t find what you were looking for? Want to get visibility and join our events at the same time? We got you covered. By using all the tools we have, we can create programs?tailor-made?for you.

          Get in Touch With Our Team

          EXPERIENCES 2018

          Matchmaking at TNW Conference

          TNW matchmaking is an integral part of TNW Conference. This year we arranged over 3,000 one-on-one meetings between 500 startups and 400 investors throughout the 2 days.

          EXPERIENCES 2018

          Car Racing at Zandvoort

          This year we organised a special car racing event for 40 selected top-tier investors the day before the TNW Conference.

          The investors were racing against Prince Daniel of Sweden and Prince Constantijn of Netherlands in Ferrari’s, McLaren’s, BMW’s etc. at the Zandvoort track. We finished the day with a nice dinner and beach party.

          EXPERIENCES 2018

          Investor dinner

          We brought 250 VCs together to meet last month, where they could engage in conversations and have a great time over great dinner and drinks.

          EXPERIENCES 2018

          RAI Challenges

          TNW X partnered with RAI where investors judged startups in the fields of mobility, smart cities and agriculture in pitch competitions onstage at global leading exhibitions.

          Last month at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 we invited 15 global startups to pitch their solution onstage and oncamera, providing solutions for last-mile delivery, infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and contemporary traffic safety. The result was 6 successful collaborations between startups, corporates and government.

          EXPERIENCES 2018

          TQ Events

          Every month TNW’s tech hub TQ hosts events around technology, growth, and the startup ecosystem, inviting industry veterans alongside fast-growing startups. It’s an opportunity to connect with Google, Salesforce, Amazon, and over 50 startups in residence.

          EXPERIENCES 2018

          Launchpad Meetups

          TNW X designed Launchpad Meetups to solve specific innovation challenges corporates are facing by bringing carefully selected startups to pitch their solutions. We invite investors to judge the pitches in their industry, as well as take part in round table conversations to strenghten their industry expert position.



          In the past thirteen years, TNW Conference has grown into one of Europe’s most prominent events for investors to discover new startups.

          This year, investors from more than 275 venture capital funds attended, resulting over 3,000 pre-booked meetings with startups and 7 investor only side-events.

          Learn More

          INVESTORS 2018

          Have a look at some of the investors who attended TNW Conference this May!

          • Ryan Feit

            Ryan Feit

            CEO and Co-Founder SeedInvest

          • Barry Kumarappan

            Barry Kumarappan

            Director Secerno

          • Carlo Dorresteijn

            Carlo Dorresteijn

            Senior Associate Velocity Capital Private Equity

          • Allard Luchsinger

            Allard Luchsinger

            Director Velocity Private Equity

          • Alex Kayyal

            Alex Kayyal

            Partner, Head of Europe Salesforce

          • Alex Buchberger

            Alex Buchberger

            Managing Director Senovo

          • Alex van Someren

            Alex van Someren

            Managing Partner Amadeus Capital

          • Alexander Krau?e

            Alexander Krau?e

            Investment Associate Cherry Ventures

          • Alexander Ribbink

            Alexander Ribbink

            General Partner Keen Venture Partners

          • Alexei Tuknov

            Alexei Tuknov

            Investment Director Maxfield Capital

          • Alexis Ohanian

            Alexis Ohanian

            Co-founder, General Partner Initialized Capital

          • Alla Levina

            Alla Levina

            Head of Program Starta Ventures

          • Andrew Walton

            Andrew Walton

            Assurance Markets Leader EY

          • Ashish Dharnidharka

            Ashish Dharnidharka

            VP Licensing & Technology Ventures GE Ventures

          • Axel Wehr

            Axel Wehr

            Principal Anterra Capital

          • Bart Becks

            Bart Becks

            Founder Angel.me

          • Bastian Faulhaber

            Bastian Faulhaber

            Investment Manager Redstone

          • Belem Tamayo

            Belem Tamayo

            Associate Cottonwood

          • Ben Blume

            Ben Blume

            Principal Atomico

          • Ben Marrel

            Ben Marrel

            Founding Partner Breega Capital

          • Ben Taylor

            Ben Taylor

            Chief Innovation Officer EY

          • Benjamin W?rner

            Benjamin W?rner

            Commercial Lead Product Partnerships Zalando SE

          • Bjarke Staun-Olsen

            Bjarke Staun-Olsen

            Principal Creandum

          • Brian Daly

            Brian Daly

            Network Catalyst TechStars

          • Chris Murphy

            Chris Murphy

            Co-Founder SaaStock

          • Chris Te Stroet

            Chris Te Stroet

            Partner, Technology Director JOA Ventures

          • Christian Meermann

            Christian Meermann

            Founding Partner Cherry Ventures

          • Christian Schulte

            Christian Schulte

            Investment Professional coparion

          • Christian Stein

            Christian Stein

            Managing Director coparion

          • Constance Scholten

            Constance Scholten

            Director Slingshot Ventures